Silestone is a modern material known for its durability and versatility in design. With many uses, it has been a material of choice for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, walls and flooring.

Since Silestone is mainly comprised of quartz, sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. Its great variety of colours, textures, edges and patterns make it adaptable within any interior, flawlessly complimenting any kitchen space.


Silestone offers a great range of colours, from deep warm hues to pale cool colours, with different veined patterns and grains running throughout. The quartz crystals contained within give a glimmering, sparkle effect when they catch the light. Silestone is available in three different textures, a smooth and shiny polish, a soft and velvety suede and in a volcano finish – a smoothed, uneven texture replicating a rugged, natural stone surface.


Since Silestone is a non-porous material maintenance is relatively simple. Spills should be wiped away with soapy water or mild cleaners. Harsh chemical cleaners like bleach, degreasing agents, sealants and water repellents should be avoided and never left in prolonged exposure to the material. The surface of Silestone is its natural polish and therefore it should never be re-polished. While it can endure some heat, long term contact with a heat source can cause damage because the heat resistance of Silestone varies according each slab’s individual properties. When placing hot items like pans or pots use heat pads or trivets.


For the protection of the material and kitchen professional installation is recommended. An experienced technician will be able to take exact measurements and deliver an accurate installation without seams, damages or unfinished nuances. Countertop installation entails working around the sinks and plumbing and a knowledgeable installer will be able to ensure all elements are preserved and well-functioning.


Eternal Statuario


Eternal Serena


Eternal Calacatta


Eternal Marquina


Quartz is the dominant component of Silestone, comprising over 90% of the material. Quartz is a natural stone known for its sturdiness and it is what gives the durability and hardness to Silestone. The other materials it is comprised of include antimicrobial protection, colour agents and these are bound by polyester resin which holds everything together. Since it is non-porous, Silestone is stain resistant and can withstand spills without absorbing them better than materials like marble making it a good option for high traffic areas like the kitchen. Due its durability it can also withstand a measure of heat and resists scratching.

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