How to Match Your Countertop to Your Home

How to Match Your Countertop to Your Home

As one of the main rooms in the house, the kitchen needs special attention when it comes to its decor and aesthetics. High-end countertops help to set a special tone for the whole kitchen while adding a special ambience to the counter working area. You’ll want to make sure, however, that you choose the right countertop that not only matches with the rest of the kitchen but also reflects the defining presence of the home itself.

A castle or a cottage

If you own a $1 million house, you should be looking at the top of the line marble, quartz or granite countertops to coordinate with the rest of the elegance that filters through the home. These types of higher-end stone blocks can be ordered through design stores and they aren’t the regular run-of-the-mill stones that you’ll see in general home renovation stores.

You’ll also want to coordinate with a design consultant to make sure that this countertop correctly reflects what your kitchen is trying to say to its visitors. Here at Crownmarble & Granite we have a superior design team that specializes in working with custom-designed and luxury homes.

Likewise, if you have a smaller home and don’t want to overwhelm the rest of the kitchen with a countertop that stands out too much, you should be shopping for something more subdued without compromising on sophistication. There are beautiful stone countertops available that can make your kitchen stunningly vibrant while at the same time highlighting the other special features in the room.

Take a look at the current trends

The trends for countertops continue to change in style and material, but year after year homeowners still gravitate towards the upscale look that can only be found in stone. Our design team can show you what’s trending this year so that you can find the perfect stone that works into your contemporary, traditional, rustic, western or transitional decor style. You’ll be amazed to see just how perfect a granite, marble or quartz countertop can look in your kitchen and how it can change the atmosphere of the entire home.

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