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At Crown Marble we strive to provide our clients, homeowners and designers alike, with beautiful selections of custom countertops using world class materials. For remodelling kitchens, bathrooms, home offices or adding accent pieces throughout the house we offer consultations and advice on choosing the mineral, colour and design that will be right for you. Our design team works with you to create a unique and personalized product that will seamlessly be incorporated into the aesthetic of your space.

As manufacturers, we source the best natural and engineered stone available and custom design it to fit your needs. We never take short cuts in our work. Our stone comes from trusted suppliers in Europe and the Americas, bringing the highest quality materials for residential and commercial use Ontario-wide. We have thousands of slabs in stock, carrying natural stone such as Marble, Granite, Quartzite, Tavertine and Onyx, and also man-made products including Dekton and Quartz.

By using state of the art, sophisticated Breton СNC technology and Waterjet cutting machines in our 40,000 sq. ft. facility, we achieve precision and accuracy in our cuts and build at competitive prices. The Breton machines we use are safe and high performing, yielding top quality results. We pride ourselves on not backing away from complicated orders that other companies refuse or simply cannot do.

With the expertise of our artisans you can rely on timely and exact installation that will get it right the first time, with warranties offered on all of our products. This is the trust we strive to build and we are happy to foster long term relationships with our clients, who return to us consistently over the years for remodelling advice, design and installation.

Visit our newly renovated 6,000 sq. ft. showroom that is full of options to choose from with a broad selection of beautiful countertops in various styles, colours and finishes, chiselled and polished to perfection. For more information or to get a free estimate, call in to speak with the Crown Marble sales team or fill out an inquiry form today!


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